What is useful for a person fish

Surely many have heard that fish is a useful product that must, as often as possible, be eaten. No wonder, our grandmothers and moms spent all their childhood stuffing with fish oil, not paying attention to the fact that it was "tasteless and nasty."

However, most likely, very few people know why the fish is so useful, how much it needs to be used so that all the usefulness will take on their business and enrich our body.

What is useful fish

First of all, we give a lot of useful fact: the fish is an easily digestible product that does not leave gravity in the stomach, and also contributes to a good and easy feeling. Of course, people with absolutely healthy intestines and stomach can be surprised, they say, what's the difference how much is there and what will be assimilated.

But for older people, as well as children, people with stomach problems, fish can become an indispensable food product, because it is absorbed in just 2-3 hours. If we take meat as an example, then the process of its mastering can reach 6 hours!

But the fish, in any way, is not worse than meat, on the contrary, its energy value is even higher.Some fish representatives can be 20% protein, a very valuable protein, which contains all the necessary for the human body 17 amino acids, and in ideal proportions. And this is not all that fish is useful for.

The composition of fish oils, for example, includes omega-3 fatty acid known to many, which has an endless list of benefits: it favorably affects the health of the arteries, and also prevents the formation of blood clots that can clog arteries and lead to heart attack or stroke.

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In addition, it is necessary for people who suffer from high blood pressure. In addition, omega-3 promotes the normal functioning of the brain and eyes, prevents inflammation in the body, and helps to overcome them, contributes to the reduction of cholesterol in the blood.

What vitamins are contained in fish?

In this matter, the fish is not inferior to many well-known human foods, it is rich in vitamins A, D, G, vitamins of group B, they must enter the body together with fats, some without them are not digested.

The whole fish is divided into 3 groups: low-fat, medium-fat and fatty. For example, crucian and goby are low-fat fish, but salmon and saury are fatty fish. The more fish contains fat, the more vitamin can get your body from its use.

In addition to the vitamin content, it is also rich in valuable minerals: calcium and magnesium, which affect the healthy appearance of hair and nails, phosphorus, which is actively involved in energy metabolism, as well as fluorine, copper, zinc and potassium.

The indisputable benefit of marine fish, of course, is the high content of iodine, which is so necessary for the normal functioning of the thyroid gland. Also in the caviar of sea fish contains a considerable amount of iron, it is often recommended in the diet, as well as iron deficiency anemia.

As for the benefits of river fish, it is somewhat lower, since sea fish is fatter than river fish, therefore the content of such beneficial omega-3 fatty acids is lower. But at the same time, it is the river fish that is the main supplier of easily digestible protein into the human body. That is why river fish can be an excellent dietary product that can be safely used by people who are struggling with excess weight, and also have diseases from this area.

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How to choose and cook a useful fish?

The taste and usefulness of fish depends not only on its variety, but, in many respects, on the conditions of its habitat, food, spawning period and, of course, the conditions of its storage. It is best to purchase fish in specialized fish stores, where a qualified specialist will be able to advise you on the specific type of fish.

Buying fish on the market can be dangerous, as a rule, control over the quality of the product is lower there, and the level of honesty of the sellers is also very different. The main reason for the spoilage of fish products and the loss of their original quality is the multiple freezing of the product. It is best to buy live or chilled fish, in the extreme case - frozen "in the glaze", which means the presence of a light crust of ice, which is applied in a special way to the fish.

The main criteria for high-quality and fresh fish:

  • Pay attention to the gills, in fresh fish, they should have a scarlet or burgundy color, but not gray or black.
  • Fresh fish should not have a muddy look.
  • The flesh of the fish should be elastic and dense, without spots of bluish or purple.When you press your finger on the carcass, the flesh must quickly return to its original shape. The meat of high-quality red fish should not have a yellowish tint, and white meat - dirty gray. Such shades speak about repeated frosts of fish.

There is an opinion that the most useful fish is an expensive fish, but this is not the case. Fish that are at the bottom of the food chain, that is, they feed on zooplankton, will be absorbed by the body much easier than rare and valuable specimens of predatory fish. Although among fish lovers of zooplankton there are expensive and rare species.

What is the most useful fish?

The question immediately arises: which of the most popular and consumed fish is the most useful? The question is difficult, but we will try to give a few examples. Among salmon species, it is believed that trout and salmon are the most useful, they are able to slow down the aging process of the human body, and also carry out the prevention of cardiovascular diseases.

If you turn to cod, then cod, pollock, hake and haddock are useful, they are considered the most dietary fish species, and also very useful for pregnant women and expectant mothers.

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Also useful are herring and sardines, which are considered to be among the most nutritious fish (33% fat), which contributes to the content of large amounts of vitamins. And here, for example, pike is a very dietary product, it contains only 3% fat. Carp and crucian carp are very useful among carp, they help to strengthen the musculoskeletal system, and also have a beneficial effect on the health of the skin and mucous membrane.

As you can see, each fish is useful and unique in its own way, therefore, it is necessary to choose which one is best used in your case, depending on your personal needs. But, as for the method of preparation, the most useful and safe way for health is cooking on the grill, as well as options for dishes where the fish is baked and stewed.

In order for the fish to enrich the human body with its nutrients and vitamins, as well as to maintain this process at the proper level, it is necessary to use it 2-3 times a week, alternating between river and sea fish.

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