What makeup is acceptable in sports?

If you come to the gym to do, and not meet with the guys, you should forget about the make-up. But what to do if the desire to look beautiful is as great as the desire to play sports? The most stubborn will easily find on the Internet the specialized cosmetics, which is designed for performing athletes and models. This makeup differs from the usual one by increased moisture resistance and concentration. However, you should know that it is often undesirable to use it.

It is worth remembering that when playing sports there is sweating, from which one cannot escape. It is a natural reaction of our body to physical activity. Beauticians do not recommend to hinder this process and urge to use the minimum amount of cosmetics during sports. And if possible, completely abandon it at the time of occupation (this is a strict rule for toilet water).

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However, not everything is so simple.If you are engaged in cyclic sports, such as swimming, running, cycling under the open sky, then you can not do without protective cosmetics. And the most important tool here is sunscreen. He is necessary regardless of the weather and what you are wearing. The cream must be applied to exposed areas of the body so as not to get sunburn or other skin damage. Among the pharmacy cosmetics, sunscreens from Avene and La Roche-Posay are good reviews (if it's a question of swimming, waterproof protective equipment should be used). Moisturizing balm or lip gloss, too, will not be superfluous and perfectly protect the skin of the lips from drying out. Perfectly cope with this, for example, the favorite of many girls - lip balm American brand EOS.

What makeup is acceptable in sports?

Sunscreen Avene SPF 50 (1 130 rub.)EOS lip balm (450 rub.)La Roche-Posay SPF 50 (1 130 rub.)

During training in fitness or in the gym it is better to forget about shadows, lipstick, blushes, liquid podvodke, fat witch and tonal creams. During training, the body temperature rises and the layer of cosmetics that is on the face, creates a greenhouse effect, prevents moisture, fat, toxins from emerging outside, which leads to skin irritation or acne.

If you just can not do a few hours without decorative cosmetics, you can use mineral textures. They will provide protection, dullness and will favorably affect the skin condition. Hide liquid flaws will help liquid tonal products, in which there are minerals. The concealer will also do an excellent job. Good waterproof mascara is perfect for sports. But it's better to forget about powder for a while, as it clogs the pores and does not last long on the skin with physical activity.

What makeup is acceptable in sports?

Resistant tonal fluid Chanel (3 500 rub.)Diorshow Black Out mascara (2 470 rub.)NYX Universal Concealer (480 rub.)

In the process of training in the gym it is worth remembering about the culture of behavior: before using the simulator, put a towel on it. It will protect you from germs, and after you leave a dry seat. It is possible and necessary to wipe the sweat during the classes, but not to rub it, but to soak it with a towel. If you run on the street and there is no possibility to take a shower right after the run, then a towel can come to the rescue - you just need to wet it with water and wipe the sweaty areas of the body.Many runners and cyclists also use special fabric wristbands that can be used to wipe sweat easily and safely on their face.

It is very convenient when playing sports comes in the morning: just wash, rub your face with a tonic and start training. After completion, it is also necessary to wash off the sweat and moisten the body, because with perspiration it loses moisture. The invigorating aroma of essential oils of shower gel will help in this matter and will give a charge of excellent mood for the whole day. To relieve fatigue, muscle pain and relaxation immediately after a shower, you can use warming oil with arnica and almond milk.

What makeup is acceptable in sports?

Origins Shower Gel (1 800 rub.)L'Occitane milk powder for skin elasticity (3 990 rub.)massage oil Weleda with arnica (930 rub.)

In the process of active sports and sweating the scalp. Those who regularly engage in sports, have to spend more time and money on hair care. Daily shampooing has a negative effect on hair: it becomes too dry and stops shining due to the fact that it loses its natural fatty lubricant. If the hair is oily, so as not to wash it daily, after a workout, you can rinse it with water and dry it with a hairdryer. Salvation can also be a dry means for washing your head in the form of a spray or a powder.After washing, you can apply a non-rinsing repair agent to your hair, which will make them soft, manageable and shiny.

What makeup is acceptable in sports?

CHI Hair Repair Agent (350 rub.)dry shampoo Lush (650 rub.)MI & KO dry shampoo (140 rubles)

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If the morning classes are simple, then what about those who practice after the evening work? The algorithm of actions is the same, however, in a sports bag you will have to put jars of cleansing agents: foam, gel, tonic. It is better if these are travel formats or probes. An excellent replacement for such jars can be special facial cleansing wipes. It is worth remembering that, regardless of the time of training, the skin must be hydrated - micellar or thermal water do an excellent job with this. At the same time, micellar water performs two functions at once: cleanses and tones the skin.

What makeup is acceptable in sports?

Bioderma Micellar Water (899 rubles);Biore cleansing wipes (939 rub.)thermal water Vichy (399 rub.)

You can not ignore the issue of bath procedures: if you take a shower in a sports center, then this requires you to bring at least a shower gel and body cream. Again, extra weight and space in the bag.It is easy to cope with this with the help of travel formats, or you can rent a box in the fitness center in which to store all the jars.

Another important issue that makes many girls worry is excessive sweating. Deodorants and antiperspirants are our everything! The difference between them is that the first masks the smell, and the second - blocks. What to choose, each decides for itself. Effective means in the fight against sweating are also laser and Elos epilation. During these procedures, the reproductive apparatus of the hair is completely removed, which leads to a decrease in the secretion of sweat glands.

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