What should be clothes for children under the age of one year?

Any mother wants to dress her baby fashionably. And even if the crumbs have not even turned a year, it does not mean that you can choose simple and not very beautiful things. The baby should get used to the beauty from an early age, so get fashionable clothes for him. And how to choose it?


What kind of clothes does a baby need before the year?

So, the most necessary home clothes for a baby under the age of 1 year:

  • Baby's undershirts are suitable for newborns, but they are not very comfortable for babies who are beginning to move, crawl and learn the world. They will constantly bully and interfere with the baby.
  • Sliders are also required. Many prefer the sliders with buttoned straps. Yes, it is practical and convenient, because they will not crawl if the baby moves actively. But when the baby begins to consciously and quickly move, straps can prevent him. Sliders on an elastic band provide greater freedom of movement, but they can crawl and bare the body of the crumbs, if the mother puts them on with the vests.
  • Body. This is one of the most comfortable things, which combines panties and T-shirt.The kid will be able to actively move, but at the same time nothing will bully. The body can be worn with romper on the elastic bands. In this kit the baby will not be cold and not hot and at the same time very comfortable. In addition, it will be easy for mom, because to change the diaper, she will only need to unbutton the buttons. For summer, it is better to buy a body with short sleeves, and for winter - with long ones.
  • Slips are also very comfortable. Such a thing combines a romper and a shirt and looks like a jumpsuit. In a slip, the baby is comfortable not only to sleep (initially such a thing was designed specifically for sleep, which confirms its name), but also to move and explore the world. Removing and putting on such a thing is easy, changing diapers is also easy.
  • Socks are also necessary for the baby.
  • A newborn will be comfortable in a hat or cap, but an older child will not need such a thing anymore.

As for the quantity, remember that babies often get dirty, so clothes need to be purchased with a reserve (3-4 things).

Now the necessary summer clothes on the way out:

With print

  • Body. Yes, this option is suitable for summer walks. But for a girl, you can buy a body with a skirt, and for a boy a body with shorts would be an ideal option.
  • Booties or socks.
  • Headdress.For babies, the sun can be disastrous, so get a panama hat.
  • Slip is also suitable for a walk with a baby.
  • For an older boy, you can buy a suit consisting of a T-shirt (or body) and pants.
  • A girl can buy a dress.
  • For walks it is worth getting panties (especially they will need a girl in a dress).

Required demi-season clothing:


  • The ideal option for autumn or spring walks will be a warmed fleece jumpsuit. But for walking in bad weather, you can also purchase a more practical bolognev overalls with insulation. It will not get wet and will not be blown heavily in the wind.
  • Warm booties or shoes for the little ones will be required.
  • Knitted hat (for a cool autumn, it is advisable to purchase a warmed model).
  • Warm suit will be useful.

Winter clothes:

Winter option

  • Warm jumpsuit. It is best to buy a coveralls-envelope, which will be comfortable and warm and newborn, and the baby is older. Today on sale you can find overalls on sheepskin, down, and also with heaters from synthetic materials, such as holofayber. As practice shows, it is the latter option that is preferred.So, holofiber passes air and absorbs moisture, but it retains heat very well and is very light.
  • Knitted hat. To make it comfortable for your baby, purchase a model with a seamless knitted lining, since large and voluminous knitting can rub soft skin.
  • Boots or warm booties (they can be attached to the jumpsuit). If there are enough booties for a newborn, then a crumb older than six months is worth buying boots, because the baby at that age can begin to take the first steps.
  • Mittens. They will not allow the crumbs to freeze.
  • Warm suit. It can be put on under overalls (on a slip) in cold weather.

How to choose?

It should be comfortable

How to choose clothes for the little ones? Here are the main selection criteria:

  • Quality. He should pay special attention, because the comfort of your baby depends on this criterion. Pay attention to all the seams, threads, small details - they must all be neat and of high quality.
  • Natural fabrics. They “breathe”, are pleasant to the touch, and also absorb moisture and retain their original characteristics after washing. The ideal materials for babies are knitwear, cotton, linen, chintz, fleece.Holiday outlets can be made of silk, satin, velvet or velvet. Make sure the fabric is not synthetic. Such materials are badly breathable, which can cause diaper rash. And yet a little synthetic (for example, spandex, polyester) can be present, it will make the thing more elastic, comfortable and practical.
  • Stitches. In clothes for newborns, the seams should be flat or outer. Coarse seams can rub the delicate skin of the crumbs.
  • All things must be quickly and easily put on and off, as many babies do not like these procedures.
  • The material should be pleasant to the touch.
  • When buying, consider the purpose of the thing. So, for the house fit more simple and inexpensive clothing. And on the way out you should buy something beautiful and fashionable.
  • There should not be any extra details (pockets, bows, locks, ruffles, frills) on the clothes, they will all interfere with the crumbs.
  • Get clothes for growth, because in the first year the kids grow very fast.
  • Price also matters. It is not necessary to buy the baby very expensive things, anyway, soon the crumb will grow from them.
  • Smell the thing. No sharp odors should come from it.
  • If the thing is colored, swipe it with your finger.Is there any paint left? Discard the purchase.

Determine the size


Children's clothing sizes:

  • 50 is the smallest size suitable for newborns with a height of 45-50 centimeters.
  • Size 56 is suitable for babies aged 1 month, having a height of 50-56 centimeters.
  • 62 size is designed for babies 2-3 months, having a height of 57-62 centimeters.
  • 68 size is suitable for babies aged 3-5 months with growth equal to 63-68 centimeters.
  • 74 size is designed for crumbs at the age of 6-9 months with growth of 68-74 centimeters.
  • 80 size suitable for one year old baby, having a height of 74-80 centimeters.

Fashion trends

What should be beautiful, stylish and fashionable clothes for children up to one year old? We offer to know the main fashion trends.

Styles and styles

Today, children's clothing is very similar to an adult. And kids in such things look incredibly cute! For boys, they sew trousers that resemble men's classic trousers, and bodysuits that look like shirts (some have ties, though painted, but still).

Small miracle

And girls can show off in fitted dresses with embroidery. In general, the little fashionistas and fashionistas today attract attention and touches. But remember that clothes in any case should not be too narrow and complex, in it the baby under the age of one will be just uncomfortable.

Colors and prints

Baby clothes can and should be bright! After all, when still enjoy the riot of colors, if not in childhood. Particularly relevant are orange, yellow, green, purple, red, coral, blue, lilac and pink. Also in fashion classic gray, white and black colors, which are better to combine, so that things do not seem too boring. In the trend and pastel shades.

Figures can also be very diverse. But various inscriptions, animalistic and floral prints, funny and funny drawings, geometric patterns, as well as the cell and polka dots are especially popular.

Parts & Accessories

To make the thing bright and individual, add accessories to it. For the girl, you can pick an interesting bandage on your head, and for a boy you can use a baseball cap. All kinds of applications, embroidery and other details will make the image bright. By the way, all this can be done by hand.

Let your baby be comfortable and comfortable!

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