What to bring from India?

Vladimir Kulinich
Vladimir Kulinich
February 25, 2013
What to bring from India?

A lot of people have already been or are planning to go to rest in India. This is a very beautiful and mysterious country. About what to bring from India, our article will tell.

Wardrobe items

India produces a large number of different products of silk. They make dress fabrics, shawls and scarves, unique sarees.

Sari is an Indian national women's clothing. It is a piece of fabric from 3 to 7 meters in length. As a rule, this fabric is decorated with gold embroidery and ornaments. You can buy sarees on the market or in a clothing store. Also there you can buy choli - tight-fitting T-shirt. Buy it well with the main canvas. Sari and brocade from the city of Varanasi are known for intricate motifs made from flowers, leaves, birds and fruits.

In Kashmir, you can buy silk scarves for women. For example, scarves made from tusy are sorts of silk, before spinning it is boiled in alkaline solutions.


What can be brought from India, if not jewelry? In the shops and jewelry shops you will find beautiful products with precious inlays, as well as ornamented gold products,which produce in the south of the country and silver jewelry for the legs and arms. Men can buy weapons that are decorated with inlays, enamel and stones.

In Jaipur, the best place to buy jewelry with gems and gems. In stores you should pay attention to gold jewelry made after the local fauna and flora. If you come to Delhi, then the best places to buy jewelry will be shops that are located in the Karol Bagh market.


Figurines are made of wood, white marble. Sculptures are also made of granite and bronze. Be sure to buy traditional elephants, made like Russian nesting dolls. The favorite materials of Indian artisans are copper, clay, glass, bamboo, sandalwood, Indian walnut and rosewood. In addition to elephants, statues of Indian gods are also very popular.

Spices and tea

Tea is a traditional Indian purchase. In stores that sell products, you can choose different varieties of tea, both classic and exotic. To find the brand of tea that suits you, be sure to visit your famous tea selection. In such places you can enjoy the traditions of Indian tea and pick up "your" tea variety.You can simply buy tea in specialized stores that are located close to tea plantations.


Spices and India, like brother and sister, are almost inseparable. Zira, turmeric, cloves, coriander, saffron, asafoetida, cardamom, cinnamon, black onion seeds, and fennel are among the most common spices.

Alcoholic drinks

Tourists "with experience" recommend in any case to bring with them at least one bottle of Indian rum. One of the most popular rum is Old Monk.

Now you know what to bring Goa from India and not only!

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