What to feed a pug. All about eating a pug

Before acquiring a pug puppy, familiarize yourself with the information about this breed, learn the characteristics, character, habits, what and how to feed properly, etc. The proper development depends on a properly balanced diet. height, vigor and good mood of the baby. So, what is to feed a pug puppy?

Mopsik, although small, but is a predator, so in the diet must be present meat. About plant foods also do not need to be forgotten, it contains the necessary minerals and vitamins. Vegetables and fruit pet should eat every day. It's best if the kid uses them in a clean one, if he refuses then they need to put them out.

It is impossible to completely balance the nutrition of a pet without cereals: wheat cereal, rice, semolina, buckwheat. Cereals are the main source of vitamins B, potassium, magnesium and phosphorus. From the pearl bar is worth giving up, since it is poorly digested in the pug's stomach, although it is very useful.Oatmeal can be given in small quantities, as it can cause allergies, especially if it is not in its pure form, but with some impurities. For the same reason, caution should be given to the child river fish, milk, eggs and pork.

It is excessively important to give the baby fermented milk products. Mopsik can turn the nose from home-made cottage cheese, ryazhenka, milk or kefir, but you should not stop it - you will have to be nursed with it. You can only give non-fatty foods, not more than 7% fat. From homemade cottage cheese, most likely should be abandoned, it is quite fat.

Pugs are a sweet tooth! Especially, they like chocolate and confectionery, which they can not eat. Therefore, no matter how much you would like to refuse him a lacquer piece, you will have to.

Many owners feed with prepared feeds. Dry poultry feeds are a fairly good kind of diet, but only if they are picked up wisely. It is possible to give only premium class feed, which really contains natural ingredients that are good for the health of the pet. You can buy them at any pet store in Ukraine.Try in the markets not to buy food, accessories and other supplies for your pet, and limit yourself to shopping only in specialized stores. For example, you can visit the online pet shop Zooshar. Good store, proven in practice, low prices and a large assortment.

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