What to see in France and Spain

Famous places of France

France strongly holds the primacy of the most visited country in Europe. First of all, travelers go to Paris. How many poems, aphorisms devoted to this city! Paris is always finesse, refinement, charm. This is the world of poets, artists, writers. Finally, this city is recognized as a trendsetter.
Tourists tend to get to the extraordinary Eiffel Tower, stroll through the magnificent Champs Elysees, visit the unique Louvre Museum. What other French places are worth seeing? The stranger will not remain indifferent, visiting the village of Provence.
The splendor of lavender fields, the mild Mediterranean climate, the colorful landscape of olive groves delights all travelers. Lovers of numerous Gothic churches, fancy bridges waiting for the route of Santiago de Compostela. Adherents of exotic spectacles will appreciate the Valley of Wonders, which is located in the depths of the French Alps.
Traveler waiting for the diversity of blue lakes,the heady smell of larch trees and the unique place of prehistoric drawings of the ancient man! It is worth going to the western part of France to contemplate the Coast of Pink Granite, to appreciate the dolmens and menhirs of ancient altos. Especially the coastline of Treberden is famous for them.
One of the most desired destinations in travelers routes are castles. In France, a huge number! Only in one valley of Laura there are forty two castles.
Each castle is unique in its architectural structure and displays the era to which it belongs. One of the famous castles of France - Anzhersky. It is located in the department of Maine and the Loire. On the hill near the river Laura there is another popular castle - Amboise. Its architecture reflects a smooth transition from Gothic to Renaissance. The ancient structure keeps antique furniture and interesting artifacts.
Having received peace from the proposed spectacles, a rare tourist will not want to go to outdoor activities. This France has no equal! You should definitely go to the cabaret, where stunning beautiful girls in colorful dresses, cancan, live music are waiting. In France, every cabaret is unique.In one it can be a variety show with a fountain, in the other on artificial ice, in the third on the background of the open sea. In other cabarets, theatrical performances with jugglers will definitely be included in the program.
Considerable popularity among visitors won the night French clubs and cafes. Especially interesting is the club Le Batofar. He is in Paris on a red ship. We can say that it is quite a beautiful sight. Sparkling bright colors of the ship, filled with wine, beautiful people and great music!

Sightseeing in Spain

Tourists are willing to travel in Spain. The name of this country can be heard the sound of passion and ardor, from which there is a rapid heartbeat among fans. In Spain, a wonderful beach holiday and trips to local attractions amazingly overlap.
Travelers are keen to travel to Barcelona. This city amazes tourists with the works of the architect Gaudi. Spanish resorts of Granada, Murcia, Huesca are famous for their thermal springs. Great popularity among visitors and locals acquired the cathedral with the sculpture of the Virgin Mother. It is curious that the face of the holy black! The ancient structure is located on the picturesque slopes of the mountain of Montserrat.
Spain is rich in museums.In the famous park of Maria Louise is located the Seville Archeological Museum. It is valued for its exhibits in the world of archeology. The collections of the museum are truly unique and are considered the most complete in the list of archaeological artifacts.
Fans of antiquity will be delighted with the amazing beauty of the area, if they find themselves in the north-east of Spain. There are the Aragonese Pyrenees. The special delight of holidaymakers causes the town of Aguero!
In addition to the beauty, this area attracts tourists with its church of St. James. It was erected in the twelfth century in the Romanesque style. The church building is decorated with sculptural friezes on a religious theme.
A couple of years ago, the most fascinating spectacle in Spain was considered a bullfight. It still excites the fantasies of locals and travelers. Bullfighting is a bull fight with a man. But this is not just a game, the bull is really killed on the bullfight. The Spanish government severely limited this spectacle. It should be noted that this entertainment is designed for the amateur. And if the tourist manages to get to the bullfight, he will definitely get his adrenaline rush!
Those wishing to relax and unwind to the fullest are waiting for Ibiza.All arriving young people rest mainly here. During the day you can swim and sunbathe, and at night you can dance from the heart in a disco.

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