What to wear this summer: choose the most fashionable (21 photos)

And although the warm and beloved summer is still ahead, many fashionable women are already beginning to actively select new items of their wardrobe, and rightly so, because world fashion houses have long presented their collectible novelties to the world.

Summer is a wonderful time when it is so warm and pleasant outside that you don’t have to hide yourself under kilograms of jackets, sheepskin coats and jackets, during this period of time you can afford to look bright, stylish and juicy.

Fashionable summer is approaching

No one will sue you for indiscretion and love for the unusual, because in the summer, much is permitted! Of course, in order to pick up your summer wardrobe in advance, you need to thoroughly familiarize yourself with the main trends and fashion trends that promise to be in trend this season.

And, what not to say, and the summer fashion of 2014 will not differ by modesty, there are a lot of revelations, unusual combinations and solutions that can surprise even the most courageous fashionistas.

Even fur is appropriate for summer.

Famous designers did their best, presenting the world with very bright and spectacular models in a wide variety of styles. This season, more than ever, in the fashion emphasized femininity, hints of sexuality, a riot of colors, which translates into the most daring colors, flirtatiousness, and even light Asian motifs!

Suitable for a date

That is why in this summer season it is so important not to overshoot with a choice and choose such models that will look perfect on your figure. So let's figure it out.

To go to a restaurant

What is fashionable to wear in the summer of 2014?

As we have already said, the Asian style in women's wardrobe is gaining great popularity, a kind of geisha style: a light blouse, a dress with a smell, a light jacket or jacket, all this should be tailored following the example of a kimono.

Bright color accents that are present in each element of this image are required: futuristic and geometric prints will make your image more spectacular.

Africa has made fashion adjustments

To keep up with fashion trends, under such a style of clothing you can make a special hairstyle that fully reflects your “Asian” idea.

In such clothes comfortable

In addition, every true woman of fashion in the next season must necessarily have a dress with a plot drawing.Designers again returned to this technique, and many of them in this style are very successful, creating a truly chic model.

The thing is that a dress or a blouse, which serves as a canvas for some bright plot or picture, literally hypnotizes our view, they make you think and very well attract attention.

African motives

The basic styles and colors of such summer clothes can also correspond to Asian themes, or in a modern style with a minimum of details and lines.

By the way, this season is also very relevant hand-made style, since mass production literally swallowed the fashion industry, which makes hand-made things literally worth its weight in gold! So, all creatives and craftsmen of the sewing business have their hands free: fantasize and create, and you will be able to create fashionable and popular masterpieces!

Summer is impossible without bright flowers

In addition to Asian motifs and plot drawings, the collections of famous designers were heavily embellished by African themes.

Bright suit

Dresses, skirts, as well as other items of clothing, made using African folk costumes, have become one of the leading themes in most well-known fashion houses, even those that previously differed in minimalism and constant brevity.

Elements of fringe, feathers, images in the form of African masks and folk ornaments - this is what we offer to wear next summer.

More colors

Also promise to return to the fashion, popular in the 1960s of the last century, a kind of blouses and dresses of the marine theme, decorated with a certain print: white and black or white and blue stripes.

Sea colors

Designers of such “sea” models of clothes strongly recommend combining with a red or yellow strap, as well as a small clutch and earrings to match him. In order to give such an image of extravagance, such a striped dress can be diluted with a monophonic jabot or an insert on the chest made of translucent fabric.

Different materials and textures

Fashionable colors and fabrics of the summer of 2014

As we said, the fashionable summer trends of the 2014 season will surprise everyone, especially with regard to popular colors and their combinations. Among the rapid flow of shades, the leading positions are confidently occupied by three main categories.

The first of these are saturated colors, often diluted with gold or contrast, for example, ruby ​​+ gold, sapphire + gold, emerald.

Lace will make you sexy

Another subspecies is neutral pastel colors,which will satisfy lovers of soothing colors and shades: placid blue, which resembles a summer sky without clouds, a violet tulip, which is most often presented in a subdued lavender-purple version.

The brighter, the more relevant

These two colors perfectly emphasize the romance and sophistication of nature, because they are often used for evening dress, especially in lace, satin or velvet.

Volume sundresses in trend

In addition to the above, the color of dust remains in fashion, a sandy hue that is diluted with a coffee subtone, pastel light green with its own slightly painful and weak features.

There is no place without flowers

The last group of fashionable colors is retro-breath. These include brandy tones, burgundy, sherry color. It is also impossible not to notice the next trendy color combinations: blue + green, black + neon, delicate pink with white, as well as the favorite classic in the form of black + white. Of course, most of these combinations will be able to try on only a very brave and confident woman.

It is unlikely that someone would refuse such a dress

The fashionable fabrics of the summer season of 2014 are also slightly unusual: they include the favorite by many lace, translucent fabrics such as chiffon, silk and satin.

But the most important trend is the combination of incompatible structures, layering and complexity, for example, a combination of chiffon and wool, velvet and lace.

Another highlight of the next season is a two-layer material - black lace on a red basis, or black lace on a beige basis. Very impressive and unusual, try it yourself!

Do not be afraid to dress brightly

Shoes and accessories

To make your summer clothes look stylish, you need to combine them with the right shoes of the 2014 season! Further on, the rounded sock goes to the fore and takes on a sharpened shape.

Bright shoes for brave girls

This trend is especially true for ballets, which for a season do not cease to be the favorite shoes of many women of fashion. High hairpins are increasingly falling into the background, in fashion a thick plastic heel 6-8 cm high, and, attention, the main novelty is its full transparency!

As for accessories, hand-made creations come to the fore, for example, bracelets from beads and large beads, it is important that at least one color from the overall composition coincides with the color of the dress or other element of the image.

Weave relevant

Do not forget about an important detail of any summer look - a handbag and sunglasses, which in the coming season will be especially popular in the classic version,as well as woven leather bags, easel bags.

Without a bag nowhere

In addition to the usual handbags, wildly popular, according to famous designers, will be bags-covers on a long chain.

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