What to write to the guy that he answered?

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The current communication is becoming easier and more natural than before. This makes the problem of starting to communicate and maintain it more simple. Today you do not have to wait for a response to the letter for weeks or months. Communication, as well as decision-making in relationships, is accelerated. In other words, now in just a couple of minutes there is a chance to get an answer from an interesting person, as well as certain actions. For this reason, be bolder, start chatting with the guy you liked, first. Today it doesn’t surprise anyone; it’s not considered reprehensible, since today's girls are in most cases bolder.

Simple ways to interest a guy

So, we will consider simple ways to interest the representative of the opposite sex:

the easiest option is to report that you want to make acquaintance with him. All the representatives of the stronger sex are polygamous, so even if the guy has already found that one, then he will answer the message with the offer of acquaintance from a beautiful lady.At first, this will be an ordinary flirt, but further communication is completely dependent on you;

What to write to the guy that he answered?

if you mean a specifically unfamiliar man (with whom you want to make acquaintance), then the main way is cunning. Even the cleverest representatives of the stronger sex are not capable of unraveling it. Ask if he has a sister who studied at some school. Or tell me that he is too much like your brother’s friend, whom you can’t find. A man will certainly bite on such a reception. Of course, he will say that you were wrong, and he has no sister. But it does not matter, the main thing is that the conversation began. Then write about your own carelessness, and also repent of a silly mistake. Further correspondence will go by itself;

there is another effective method. Of course, it is not suitable for Vkontakte, but if you know the email address of the man, then use this chance. Suggest a meeting, specify the time and place. A man will be exactly shocked. When he passes by the stupor from such a message, he will certainly answer. Next is to act on the situation. If you ask who wrote it, answer.If he tells you that this is not known to him, tell him that he is pretending. After the surprise, he will understand that you have mistaken the address, and will report this fact. But here again it is important to imagine the “unhappy” girl who mixed up the address.

The girls are sure that the phrase “Hello. How are you? "Is unoriginal and banal, that the current guys do not peck at this. But it's not right. This is about the same if you write that you want to make an acquaintance. And all men, as already mentioned, are polygamous, and a simple "Hello" is not ignored. Perhaps because of curiosity, and perhaps to amuse themselves. They are all proud of themselves.

Such simple methods will help to get acquainted with the guy in the correspondence. Then everything depends on you. But remember that in no situation is it necessary to remember the tact, not to become intrusive. Do not make stupid mistakes in the spelling of words. Although guys are usually not literacy samples, there is no need to take risks.

What to write to a man in SMS so that he answers

It is also important to know what to write to a man in SMS to encourage him to answer. But it is worth noting immediately that it is too difficult to interest a stranger with a single message. Many girls want to know the answer to this question.But there is only one way to make a man respond to the first message. And this method is not the most decent, because it does not take into account.

So, you got the number of your lover (it does not matter how you got it). How to use this chance? Call, of course, scary. But this is not surprising, because you need to think about what to write in the message in order to induce him to answer. The best option - "wrong number." It is easier to do this with the phone, because only one is not the right figure - and the SMS will come to the right addressee. There are a lot of ways to adjust the dialogue:

Offer a meeting, ask if he is going to a lecture on advanced mathematics, share notes from a lecture, pick you up before work, etc. Turn on the fantasy, just ahead of time come up with a plan of the conversation, your own and his answers;
inform that the number has been given to you by a friend that you want to chat with him. Only immediately, after his answer, transfer the conversation in a different direction, so that he would not be interested in that “friend”, and not in your conversation;

What to write to the guy that he answered?

Another option is to send a smile. This is an effective and simple way. If a man is not a bore, then he will certainly send a smiley in response.And you send him a new one, in accordance with what he answered. After a couple of similar messages he will ask something.

But be limited to neutral faces, do not send a variety of kisses or hugs. For the initial communication, there will be enough ordinary smiles with a smile.

Acquaintance Vkontakte. What to write to a guy

In the modern world, social networks are gaining great popularity. Getting to know Vkontakte makes you wonder what to write to a guy in order to make him interesting, to get an answer. Write the usual "Hi." He will probably answer the same, because he will be curious about what you will do next.

Keep in mind that before writing a stranger for the first time, it is important to clean up your own page. Delete all photos with ex-boys, all bad frames and pretty girls. The potential guy will first go over to thoroughly examine your personal information on the page.

Another point, of course on the avatar should be your photo, and not a picture from the web. The interest of the man immediately disappears. They certainly love the mystery, but not so much. He will wonder why you are hiding your face. And here there will be doubts about your attractiveness.

If you send a picture on a man on Vkontakte’s wall with a meaning, then he will most likely ask what you meant, ask for help to solve it. Do not send too original or intricate pictures, otherwise, the guy will be frightened. Men do not like "neponyatki", because they consider the female gender inhabitants of another planet. That for women a subtle and understandable hint, for a man - a complex rebus.

What to write to the guy after an argument

If you quarreled, the question arises what to write to the guy after a quarrel to make up and get an answer. So, consider some options:

write him warm words. To smooth out negative emotions, you should write ordinary messages like: “I think about you all the time,” “I really miss you,” “Let's meet.” But this will not help if a man is offended at you badly;
option with the message "Let's meet. We need to talk "is suitable if it is difficult to forget the problem that has appeared. In other words, when the passions passed, the problem must be clarified;
if you are not concentrating on the question of who is guilty and who is right, write this: “Stupid situation. You are very dear to me.Can we make up? ”Or“ I missed you very much. Let's meet and take a walk. " Such options are the most suitable. They will show that it is important for you to maintain relationships with a man, and not to find out.

If you write to a man after a quarrel, then both of you must be in a sober mind. Do not conduct such conversations on the negative, with the intensity of emotions. Reconciliation will only finally calmed down, because you should have patience.

What to write a former guy to get an answer

The question of what to write to the former guy is rather complicated. Here the main problem is to understand whether he should write at all. First of all, it is worth remembering your parting, who took the initiative, why it happened. Maybe you shouldn’t write anything at all, because it’s impossible to glue a broken vase. But if you decide to take this step, stepping over your own principles and pride, then listen to these tips:

Do not write immediately after parting. Let him think. Even if you want to return it again, then this is done unobtrusively and carefully. Better after a few weeks / months to write the usual: “Hi. What's up? We have not corresponded for a long time. "By this you will demonstrate that you do not remember the insults (even if the situation is just the opposite), you will not ask him to return;
moreover, if in the past you both experienced true feelings, and the guy is not the worst person, then he will certainly answer you. After that write that you are fine, tell the news about mutual friends. In other words, defuse the situation right from the start. It turns out that you will not go straight to the offensive.

If you feel that a man is just unsubscribed, he is not interested in you, he does not ask about anything, there is no place for you in his destiny, he was taken by another. You should not threaten him or be annoying, as too "smart" girls do. This is not the way. In fact, he is not the last guy on the planet, if you broke up, then it was necessary. Lucky another. Stay proud, value yourself, your own merits.

Typical female mistakes. What not to write

There are typical mistakes women make in correspondence with men:


If he was not interested in your message, do not be annoying, do not write the same thing 150 times, do not peck the guy.Behave like a woman, pretend that it does not matter to you. A man will become uninteresting if you pursue him. The following letter is worth writing only if it answers. Do not send a bunch of letters at once.

What to write to the guy that he answered?

Messages like: "Why do not you answer?", "Where are you ??", "Why did you disappear again?" Forget at all. Men are not interested.


Write messages competently. A person can not see you, he will appreciate your writing style, accuracy.


You should not immediately call a man tender words like "Kolya", "bunny", "sun". This creates the wrong impression at once. In addition, do not think up jocular nicknames. What you find funny and cute can easily offend a person.

Do not slyuykatsya, do not write him snotty messages. You are not his mother, such excessive care repels guys. Take an interest in his affairs without excessive breathing, but with interest.


Do not create false opinions from the first message about yourself, they will disappear at the first meeting. Remain sincere. This is the right choice in every situation.

Obsession with your own person.

Do not talk only about self and do not write long messages. In each letter, ask a few questions to him, as well as comment on the answers. Men have a sincere interest in them. Constant "But I ..." will not lead to constructive and fruitful communication.

Options to interest the guy and start a lot of communication. The main thing is to correctly take advantage of the chance and not to get caught up in a fight. All in your hands. Follow the simple tips, and you will certainly get to know the man you like, you will become interesting for him.

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