What kind of wedding is celebrated after 10 years of marriage?

Spouses living together for 10 years, perhaps, they know everything about each other. During this time, the husband and wife “grind in” to each other, as if they bend under each other, merge with each other like tin, which is a symbol of flexibility. Therefore, this important anniversary is called a tin wedding. Also, a decade of marriage is called a pink wedding. And all because the rose is a symbol of passion and love.

It is safe to say that 10 years of marriage is the first important anniversary in family life. After all, 10 years is, on the one hand, such a short period of time, compared to how many have yet to live, but at the same time, over these 10 years, so much has already been experienced together. And this means that we need to celebrate this anniversary properly.

The symbols of the decade of living together are rose and tin. The rose is the queen of flowers; it means the passionate, never ceasing love of a husband and wife. Tin is a symbol of flexibility, a symbol of the fact that spouses have finally learned to adapt, to be flexible in relation to each other.

Many people mistakenly think that on this day you need to feed guests with pink dishes, drink pink drinks, and all this should be served in pewter. It's not like that at all! If there is such an opportunity, it is better to invite all those who attended the wedding and arrange a real feast.

There is a good tradition: a husband on a wedding anniversary 10 years should give his wife a bouquet of 11 roses. But in this bouquet there should be not just 11 any roses, but 10 of them should be red, meaning strong love, but one white, which means hope for the continuation of their family happiness.

Those invited must also give flowers to the spouses, as well as gifts that are as beautiful as the relationship between husband and wife who have lived together for so long. As a rule, guests give the couple objects of all shades of pink, or items made of tin, as a symbol of tender love, unbreakable under the power of time and circumstances.

A great gift for the tenth wedding anniversary will be a bottle of good red or rose wine. The clothes of the heroes of the occasion and their guests must necessarily have a pink color, as a tribute to the traditions and symbols of the holiday.

There are many customs and traditions for this day, and here is one of the customs: on the day of the decade of marriage together, on the day of the rose / tin wedding, it is customary to give roses.You also need to put a tin spoon in your clothes pocket and walk all day long without parting with this symbol, but before going to bed put it under your pillow. It is believed that this custom brings happiness in the subsequent life together. And the spouses must go to bed, covered with rose petals.

On the anniversary of living together the menu should also be special. Serve to the holiday table you need roast poultry (chicken, duck, turkey, that's how much imagination is enough), under the pink sauce, decorate the table with bouquets and petals, and then the holiday will be unforgettable and beautiful. At the end of the evening, a cake decorated with roses, tea with rose petals, cookies in the shape of roses are usually served.

The tenth anniversary of the family is a happy holiday filled with tender love. After all, the strength of family ties is holy!

Now you know which wedding is celebrated for 10 years of marriage and what you need to give on this anniversary :). The next anniversary is.

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