With what you can wear stylish short tops? (16 pictures)

Tops came into vogue a couple of years ago and continue to be relevant and popular. But they can not be worn by all, but without such skill, such a bright and sexy thing can look ridiculous and funny. And how and with what you need to properly wear tops?

Who are tops to go to?

Of course, the best in the top will look a girl with a flawless figure. But the variety of models allows you to choose something suitable even for girls with appetizing forms. It is important to choose a style and learn to combine such a thing with other items of clothing.

This is the trend

Especially bright and original tops look at the brave and confident girls. Active people will appreciate comfortable sports or simple and concise models. But the representatives of the fair sex, distinguished by shyness, in such things can feel uncomfortable.

When can I wear a top?

A universal thing can not be called a top. He is unlikely to fit into a strict business style.And although some models can be combined with classic things, but in an office with a strict dress code or for business and important meetings to wear them definitely not worth it. But the tops are ideal for everyday wear, as well as for walking with friends, dates and parties.


How to choose?

First of all, you need to decide on the style of the top. Options:

  • Top bustier resembles a bra. This model is suitable for confident and slim girls. And it is best to wear this top in special cases.
  • A long-sleeved top can become a universal thing, because it can be worn both in summer (if it is sewn from lightweight and breathable material), and in spring or autumn and even in winter. In addition, it is combined with almost any things.
  • A tight top with a short sleeve looks very bright, fresh and youthful, and even on girls with appetizing forms.
  • A loose top T-shirt or top T-shirt is suitable for active girls who prefer street style.
  • Top blouse - this is the option that will be combined with clothes of classic and even business style. If the dress code allows, then such a thing can be put on even in the office.
  • Top-bando is perhaps the most open and bold option, which will cover only the chest, exposing the rest of the show.It is best to wear such a thing in the summer, for example, at beach parties. This model does not have straps, so for girls with large and heavy breasts, it is better to pay attention to other options.

Choosing the appropriate styles, determine the fabric. Since the top itself is a bright, original and sexual thing, it is better to choose more simple and dense fabrics, since transparent or too complex can overload the image and make you look like a circus performer in a stage costume.

With a long skirt

As for flowers, they can be any. Choose those that suit you and will be combined with the clothes with which you plan to wear the top.

What can you wear tops with?

What can I wear with a fashionable short top? There are incredibly many options!

Stylish skirt and top


  • A top blouse can be worn with a high-waisted pencil skirt. This image will be quite strict, but at the same time sexy and bright.
  • With almost all the tops, topical skirts with a high waist and knee-length knee length or slightly lower, sewn from stretching and stretch fabrics (for example, knitwear or stretch) are ideally combined. But such a skirt emphasizes the lower part of the figure, so that the owners of too bulky buttocks and thighs will not fit.
  • Tight top can be worn with a new look full skirt.This image will be gentle and romantic, so that in the selected set you can go on a date.
  • You can choose an asymmetrical skirt with an elongated hem.
  • To balance a little and make the upper part of the set more restrained, you can wear a long skirt to the floor.
  • With a free tank top, you can wear a denim skirt. Such a youth and sports tandem is suitable for walking with friends.
  • You can wear a simple skirt straight cut knee-length or slightly above them.


Red kit


  • Pants will look perfect with a youth top.
  • They will help to create an original and bright image of a trousers-pipe with a high waist.
  • Pants, breeches, too, can be combined with tops, but preferably with simple and not too voluminous (otherwise you will hide almost the entire figure).
  • Wear classic straight or slightly narrowed trousers with arrows to create an image of a businesslike, active and self-confident person.
  • Very original with tight-fitting tops look trousers. This is a convenient everyday option.


With jeans

Jeans - a comfortable and versatile thing. Variants of successful combinations:

  • Tight-fitting high-waisted jeans are best for wearing a tight-fitting T-shirt.
  • Classic straight jeans will be combined with a top blouse.
  • Try experimenting with flared jeans.
  • To create a fresh, bold, youthful look, choose boyfriend jeans.


In sporty style

With top you can put on any shorts: youth denim, fabric with an overstated waist, short skirt or elongated shorts.


To hide a bare belly, you can wear a jumpsuit. It can be stylish denim and more elegant fabric. Fit both free and skinny models.

What to wear over the top?

In 2015, stylists advise to wear jackets, blazers and jackets over the top. But you can also choose a cardigan, a loose shirt or a light bomber jacket.

Cool image


With the tops, any shoes are combined: sneakers and sneakers, sandals on a wedge, flat soles and heels of any thickness and shape, as well as ballet shoes and shoes. The choice of shoes will depend on the style of your outfit.

Original version


Wearing a top, you can afford bright accessories. Several fashionable solutions:

  • Large chains.
  • Bright beads
  • Volumetric pendants.
  • Original neck scarves.
  • Fashion clutches and envelope bags.
  • Thin straps.
  • Oversized sunglasses with bright frames.
  • Earrings with stones.
  • Original eye-catching bracelets.

Helpful Tips

Some useful tips that will make you the real queen:

  1. Wearing a short top, watch your posture.
  2. If you decide to wear a top, then other things from the kit should be simpler, otherwise you will look too bright.
  3. To avoid confusion, wear a bra under the top. But remember that he should not stand out and be too noticeable.
  4. If you really want to wear a top, but you feel insecure, put on a tank top. She will close her stomach and become for the top some kind of background.
  5. To create a suitable, stylish and fashionable image, study photos from fashion shows.

Choose a suitable top, learn to combine it with other things and become the most stylish, fashionable and vibrant!

With cherries


Original drawing



For young ladies

For office work

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