When is it forbidden to baptize a child?

Many young parents, because of their inexperience, ask the question “When should not baptize a child?”. This can be explained by the fact that in our time of high technologies and universal employment, religiosity has faded into the background. People go to church less often. But many of them remain faithful to their confessions and want to give their children the best. Therefore, there are various questions about what is possible and what is not.

In order for the rite of baptism to be properly observed, it is necessary to know its true purpose. Together with this process, the washing away of original sin occurs and the person becomes absolutely clean. Only after baptism can one get married, baptize other children, be mentioned in prayers.

The most important part in the process of baptism is the choice of godparents. There is no need to be guided by material interests. Godmother's mother and father must be highly spiritual people, able to teach the child the mind and morality.

It is necessary to choose good and responsive people.The godparents should not be married neither in the present, nor in the past, nor in the future. This can be explained by the fact that the spiritual connection between them is greater in its strength than the physical one. Receivers must be of the Orthodox faith and necessarily baptized. The Godfather is chosen older than 15 years, and the mother is older than 13. A godmother can even be a pregnant woman. But a woman who gave birth less than 40 days before the ceremony, is not allowed to be baptized.

Parents should be responsible. They need to go to church in advance and learn from the abbot when it is impossible to baptize a child. In addition, they must confess and partake in advance, and after that they fast until the sacrament itself. On the day of the ceremony they cannot eat and have sex. It is better to learn the “Symbol of Faith” prayer, as it is read many times during baptism. By tradition, the godfather and mother assume all costs associated with conducting the ceremony in the church. In addition, the mother has the obligation to buy the baby clothes, and his father - to buy a cross.

All those participating in the ceremony should wear body crosses. He will need a baby. In advance, you need to prepare for the child a new clean clothes, preferably white.We also need the icon of the saint, whose name he wears, and a towel, in order to wipe the newborn if necessary. Do not forget that when going to church, you should dress modestly. In clothes there should not be cutouts, bright colors and massive ornaments. Women wear skirts below the knees and cover their heads. Bright makeup is also considered unacceptable. Men should take off their hats.

There are no days when a child cannot be baptized. The sacrament can be carried out even in fasting and holidays. This can be done in any Orthodox church at the request of the parents. In order to avoid unforeseen situations, it is best to agree in advance with the rector about the time of baptism. Otherwise, it may turn out that the desired date will already be painted for weddings, funeral services or other ceremonies.

For convenience, it is better to choose small temples with a smaller crowd of people. It will not scare the child so much and he will behave more calmly. But if, nevertheless, your baby at baptism will cry and cry, then do not be upset. According to old beliefs, this behavior promises him further health and a happy life.

If you have any other questions about the sacrament of baptism, then in this case it is best to turn to the spiritual superior or the servants of the church.They will tell you how to behave and what to do. In addition, they can find out what you need to have with you, how long the ceremony will take place, and also agree on photography.

Celebrate the ceremony is best in a narrow family circle, along with invited godfathers. This should be done for the reason that baptism is a sacrament and it should not be washed with alcohol and celebrated with noisy crowded feasts.

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