When you need to remove the onions from the garden - turnip and cottonwood sets

When you need to remove the onions from the garden

When do you need to remove the onions from the garden bed?

A good harvest of onions is the pride of any gardener. This vegetable is indispensable for salads, soups, meats, marinades and pickles. Properly prepare the land, plant - the whole science, but the right to harvest from the garden is even more difficult. Today we will tell you how not to make a mistake with the deadlines and do everything correctly so that your turnips and sets will take pride of place on the table.


The main question: when


In order not to miss the period of harvesting onions, it is necessary to understand when the period of its maturity will come. Try to calculate: by the date of planting add the time required for maturation. It is from 68 to 83 days to find out more precisely, take into account the climatic conditions of the region. If the summer was dreary and cool, then it will take more time, dry and warm - on the contrary. In addition to the calendar, it is necessary to focus on the appearance of the plant. If the leaves turned yellow, and the stems began to dry and lay on the ground, then it was time.Most often in central Russia, the harvest of turnips and seedlings is removed from the bed at the end of July.


How to prepare for cleaning


So, you decided to remove the onion, because if you leave a fully ripe vegetable in the ground, after 8-10 days it will start growing again, then it will be difficult to store such an onion, or it may die at all. If the stems are not laid on the ground - put them yourself. This is necessary to stop the supply of useful substances to the root. Preparation for the upcoming harvesting will be the cessation of watering plants, do not forget to do it and your harvest will be perfectly preserved.


We remove the bow correctly


Choose the day for harvesting. Preferably work in dry and sunny weather. If it is damp outside, then the gathered onions can die, because the vegetable fed with water is prone to rotting.

When you need to remove the onions from the garden


To start, gently dig under the bulbs, and only then carefully remove your hands from the ground. In order not to damage your vegetables, in no case do not shake them off the ground, but carefully pick them off. Experienced gardeners recommend letting the onions dry a little under the open sun, in a pinch, a warm ventilated room will do for this.After a few hours we cut off the roots, not forgetting to leave a couple of centimeters, as well as the top, here we leave centimeters 10. To avoid the appearance of rot, after cutting we again dry the vegetables for 5-6 days.


How to store onions


Half of the work is done: our harvest has left the beds. Now you need to take care to save the bulbs for a long winter. The place where you put the onions should be dry and warm, it is desirable to avoid direct sunlight on the vegetables. Cardboard boxes, baskets, wooden boxes are great for storage.


The room temperature should not be lower than 15º and higher than 20º. If the onion freezes, it becomes absolutely tasteless and practically unsuitable for human consumption. The apartment is the best place - a balcony, most importantly, to monitor the level of temperature and humidity.


Often the onions are braided into braids, the latter look very picturesque. If you decide to decorate the kitchen in this way, the onion leaves should not be cut, and the vegetables themselves should be dried out with high quality.


So, your crop of turnip and sowing will remain abundant, and in the winter months you will remember the summer, eating vegetables from your own beds in your dishes, and in the spring you can plant a quality sowing.

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