Where can I buy funds for self-defense and how to choose the best ones?

If you need to buy various means to protect people and premises in extreme situations, including wholesale, find a good store that will provide you with all the necessary products of good quality. Among them are the group of companies "SCHIT". SHCHIT is engaged in the integrated security of the mining industry, provides the best quality products from global manufacturers. Here you will find everything that is necessary to protect an individual or a whole enterprise; you can purchase the necessary products both in retail and wholesale.

A wide range of personal protective equipment, including gas masks, self-rescuers, means of protection of organs of various systems; first aid; emergency and rescue equipment; Everything for fire safety is the main list of the company's products.

To choose the best protective equipment, follow simple tips:

  1. Examine the information about the product, find its description, read real reviews, if any. Knowing how your product works, how effective it will last, and how long it will last is important, regardless of whether it is a pepper spray or a security system for a huge enterprise.
  2. Choose proven and proven security tools. Security tools are not a category of goods where you can easily experiment and out of curiosity try something new just for fun. They are responsible for the preservation of human health and life, so it is important to choose what you can be sure of. A well-known company that has already manufactured many quality products that have found a positive response from different customers is what they need.
  3. If there is such an opportunity, watch the video where the tool is tested (in case of purchase through the online store), or test it yourself.
  4. A good seller will provide you with all the necessary information about the products sold. You will not be sold the product without permission if it is required.You will receive all the necessary documents intact, checks and warranty period of the goods.

For example, let's take a closer look at what to look for when choosing some means for individual protection:

  1. Mask. Gas masks are used to protect the head from radioactive and chemical substances. They are actively used in fire fighting, in industry, in rescue operations, as a protective barrier against the ingress of chemicals during extreme situations. When buying a gas mask, determine its type. Modern gas masks are divided into two large groups: filtering and insulating. Filtering have removable filters that purify the air while breathing; they protect against gases, organic vapors, fog, bacteria, smoke and so on. Such gas masks are small, they need to regularly change the filtering components. In insulating gas masks there is a separate source with air - a pipeline or compression box. With pipelines they release hose gas masks - this is a modern type of protection in which the respiratory organs of a person will not be exposed to the environment.In case of mixed types of insulating gas masks, the main air resource is transferred through a hose, and in case of emergency situations a small tank with compressed oxygen can be connected.
  2. Respirator. A simple device to protect the respiratory system from gas, dust, polluted air. It is a mask or a half mask, tight to the nose and mouth. It is an inexpensive means of individual protection, which is used in completely different areas: in hazardous production, in extinguishing fires, in emergency situations. There are several types of respirators, designed for different situations: �petal� - protection from the ingress of solid particles and dust; filtering agent - mechanical protection against soot, sand, lime, dust; gas protection - from poisoning by hazardous gases; anti-aerosol - from aerosols and exposure to spray; RU-60 - protection against low concentrations of vapors and gases in the air.
  3. Self-rescuers - means to protect the organs of vision and lungs in an emergency or in the process of fire, if the surrounding atmosphere can be considered toxic. Self-rescuers are used for effective evacuation of people from administrative, industrial and residential premises. They are insulating and filtering.Insulating convert gas to oxygen, filter clean the air inhaled by a person using a disposable filter. They can be used with a high level of smoke in the room, as well as with a minimum oxygen content in the room.

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