Where is the valley of death

Death Valley is located in the Mojave Desert, in southeastern California, in the western United States. She is famous for her climate, geology and ... cinema.


In 1913, in the Valley of Death, a temperature of 56.7 ° C was recorded - it turned out that this is the driest and sultry place in the whole of North America. The climate in the desert valley: in the summer, the average daily temperature is kept within 40-45 ° C, rains are rare - within a year only 30-60 mm of precipitation falls. The Death Valley is a deep intermontane depression: here is the lowest point of North America - 86 m below sea level, this point is called Bedwater.


Once upon a time in the place where the valley now stretches, the inner sea, warm and shallow, splashed, and corals inhabited it. And when the sea dried up, the corals turned into the mountain Fuyneral. Over the long history of the Earth, the terrain has changed greatly: the rocks were eroded, subsided and crumbled, from time to time volcanoes erupted, which then fell asleep, died away and also collapsed.


The Black Mountains mountain range, for example, was once a chain of volcanoes,traces of eruptions that are now visible in the multi-colored spots of the rock formation called the Artists-Palet (Artist's Palette) are one of the most beautiful places in the valley. The color of the mountains is caused by the presence in the rocks of oxides and salts of iron (pink, yellow, red), manganese (purple) and mica (green). And now Death Valley is a seismically active region. Huge blocks of the earth's surface are moving in the process of underground earthquakes, the mountains are becoming higher, and the valley is moving lower and lower in relation to sea level.


The climate over millions of years has also changed here: during the last ice age, the inland sea, located at the site of the valley, was part of the sea chain, but most of them dried up 10 thousand years ago. Only salt deposits remained - sharp spikes and clods of salt. The main landscape of the valley, which is now included in the protected national park - sand dunes, as in the desert. The Death Valley has been filmed by filmmakers many times, attracted by the beauty and diversity of its landscape.


The most interesting facts

The Valley of Death is not so dead. Although at first glance there is no life in the valley, it is a deceptive impression.There are more than 1,000 plant species growing there that have adapted to the heat and lack of water: many have very long roots, going in search of moisture to great depths, or a particular form of stems and leaves that store moisture. Yuccas are common - tall tree-like evergreens. They have four, five or six branches of the trunks, and the hard, xiphoidal leaves are crowded at the top of the stem or in the basal rosette. There are also animals in the valley, such as lizards that look like alligators, and even ground squirrels — mammals the size of a squirrel. Locals call gophers "prairie dogs."


In 1849, when the "gold rush" broke out, many pioneers - in the USA they were called pioneers - rushed to California. They hoped to find gold in these places and get rich. To shorten the path, some brave souls ventured across the desert. The road threatened to ruin. Legend has it that after a few weeks of travel, a group of gold prospectors lost one of their comrades, who died of thirst. Then this desert and became known as the Valley of Death.

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