Where to shoot video?

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Where to shoot video?

Today, almost every person has a video camera. All modern phones have features for shooting. However, not everyone knows how and where to make a video so that it turns out to be of the highest quality and most interesting.

Video filming in the street

The main advantage of shooting on the street is the presence of natural light. It is recommended to start recording video when the sun is behind the clouds. In such a situation, all objects will be illuminated with a soft diffused light. When shooting a video on the street, try to position yourself so that the sun is behind. To protect the lens from the sun's rays, it is recommended to use a hood. If it is absent, then you can close the camera from the sun with your hand or some suitable object. However, make sure that their shadows do not fall on the subject.

During shooting in the open area, you can use special filters. For example, yellow is suitable for video filming in winter or in summer in sunny weather.

Make sure the camera is set to white balance correctly. This parameter compensates for the effect of light sources on color reproduction. Incorrectly set white balance on video recordings is simply impossible to fix (as opposed to photo).

Indoor filming

Normal lighting - the key to good video. If shooting is carried out in the open air, then no problems should arise. However, it often becomes necessary to shoot a video indoors. In such a situation, you need to take care of good lighting.

Of course, if you do not plan to devote your own life to shooting, the acquisition of expensive sets of lighting equipment is not a justified decision. The best option would be to buy ordinary portable lamps. They should differ in power (in the range from 50 to 1000 W). This guarantees the director additional features, since he will be able to choose the appropriate type of fixtures.

The most powerful lamp is used to illuminate the main video object. As for the other devices, they are used as sources of reverse light (intended for cutting off shadows and providing balance for the main lamp).This will avoid the appearance of shadows from one character on another.

If you shoot a person moving around the stage, you can attach the lighting device to a long pole and hang it above it. If the shooting is carried out without preparation (for example, in a nightclub, in a restaurant, etc.), then a portable lamp will be quite useful.

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