Which phone to give a man for the New Year 2015

What phone to give a man for the New Year

A telephone is a wonderful New Year's gift and many dream to receive another miracle of technology from the hands of their second half. But if men are always aware of the latest inventions, and it’s not difficult for them to choose the perfect option for a gift, then girls will most likely face a lot of problems if they want to make such a gift to their boyfriend, husband or father. Unfortunately, there is no single, suitable model for all, but rather the opposite - every year the choice becomes more and more. Many girls, trying to understand all this diversity, even abandon the idea of ​​giving a phone. How among all this range not to get confused and choose exactly what you need?

Tips, what phone to give a man for the New Year 2015:

  • pay attention to the phone that he uses now, ask if everything suits you, and if the answer is positive, try to find a model of the same series, but a newer one;
  • Ask for help from your man's best friend. Most likely, he knows the preferences of your chosen one;
  • if all the same doubt in the choice, you can directly ask your half, what kind of apparatus he dreams of. A pleasant surprise in this case will not work, but the disappointment of wasted money will also be avoided.

You can go on a different path - personally to understand all the parameters of mobile phones and make your own informed choice.

What phone to give a man for the New Year

The list of characteristics that will help make a decision in choosing a phone:

  1. The technology by which the screen is executed - the most optimal one can be considered IPS
  2. Diagonal screen - if you plan to use your phone to watch movies or games, then, of course, the more, the better
  3. Screen resolution - in order for the picture to be clear and pleasing to the eye, make sure that the resolution was at least 1280x720 (HD).
  4. RAM - in order not to have to wait for the application to load, select a model with a RAM of at least 1 GB.

    What phone to give a man for the New Year

  5. The operating system is the main program on which the phone works. Currently, you can find phones with operating systems BlackBerry OS, iOS, Windows Phone, Android.If you probably do not know which OS your chosen one will choose, then stop on Android - this is the most popular system, it is free, easy to manage, and there are a large number of applications for it.
  6. The frequency of the processor is one of the most influencing price parameters. From the frequency of the device depends on the speed. It is better that this characteristic was not less than 1 GHz.
  7. Brand is a matter of personal preference only. Perhaps your man prefers only well-known brands, and for him it is a matter of prestige. Or maybe he is ready to sacrifice his famous name for the sake of higher characteristics.

What phone to give a man for the New Year

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