Who are bikinists and should we take an example from them?

If you want not only to be slim and attractive, but also to demonstrate your body and do it professionally, you may want to try becoming a bikinist!

Who is it?

Who are girls bikinistki? The direction of the fitness bikini is a form of fitness. The main goal of training is to achieve the ideal proportions of the body, the acquisition of a sexy figure and giving the muscles an attractive relief. It is also important to preserve natural beauty, that is, do not overdo it.

Fitness bikini is one of the new nominations in women's bodybuilding. If bodybuilders look at times too brutal, rude and not very attractive, then bikinist women remain feminine, but bring their bodies to perfection and make them embossed and sexy.

Today, fitness bikini is a separate bodybuilding nomination, and it appeared in 2010. Moreover, they introduced it in order to attract more viewers.And since beauty and femininity are appreciated by many, the task has been completed, and the direction continues to exist and develop.

Can I become a bikinist?

How to become a bikinist? First of all, this requires motivation, as the work on yourself and your body is very difficult. This is hard work, and you will have to work hard all the time, and this will take not only strength, but also time (trainings should be regular and rather long).

If you are ready to sacrifice, then you should start with food. Ideal - fractional, that is, frequent, but in small portions. In the diet should be dominated by protein foods, they allow you to build muscle mass. These are low-fat fish and meat, eggs (especially proteins), cottage cheese, seafood.

But energy also requires complex carbohydrates, which can be obtained from cereals and nuts. But from the fats should be abandoned, as well as from fried, salted, pickled, smoked, fast food, convenience foods and other "hazards." It is extremely important to observe the drinking regime, drinking about 1.5-2 liters of water per day.

Be sure to play sports, and workouts should provide not only weight loss,but also the study of all the muscles in order to give them relief. But you should not overdo it, because the body must remain natural, feminine and refined. And for this you need to combine moderate strength training with aerobic. The first will provide the load on the muscles, the second will allow you to burn body fat.

Strength training involves the use of small weights and a large number of repetitions. As an aerobic exercise, you can choose jogging, jumping. Circle training and superset methods are also effective. And ideally, an individual program should make a coach. It is desirable to train every day or every other day for 30-40 minutes.

Advice: be disciplined and purposeful, and you will succeed!

Features fitness bikini

So, you have achieved the ideal and become sexual. But how to take part in competitions in this area? First of all, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Proportionality of parts of the body. The figure must be harmonious and meet generally accepted standards of beauty. So if you do not have the longest legs, it is unlikely to achieve heights.
  • Beautiful gait.You have to show the body, and do it in heels. And if you walk uncertainly, then begin to train.
  • Self-confidence. You must prove to the jury that you are worthy of the title “Miss Bikini”. And for this you need to look and behave confidently.
  • Photogenic. You should be able to choose the most successful poses to look sexy in the photo.
  • The weight. The ideal is calculated by the formula: height in centimeters minus 112-115. The percentage of fat should not exceed 8-10%.
  • Growth can be anything, because there are several categories.
  • Developed, but not "pumped" muscles.
  • Sexuality. A girl should be able to present herself, but at the same time not look vulgar or vulgar.
  • It is not allowed to take steroids and other similar drugs.

Fitness bikini competitions are held in one round and two main stages:

  1. Presentation is a kind of walk. The model shows the body, and from all sides and from advantageous positions.
  2. Comparison. Participants of the competition go out in groups and perform turns to the right, with their backs to the spectators, left side, and then face.

Popular Bikinista

Some athletes have achieved certain heights in a fitness bikini.The most popular and famous among them are Yeshaira Robles, Natalia Melo, India Paulino, Ashley Kaltwasser, Amanda Latona, Courtney King, Jennifer Andrews, Pollyana Moss, Stacy Alexander, Narmin Assria, Lacey DeLuca, Candice Conroy.

But there are also non-professional models that are also successful and beautiful, but show their bodies in social networks. They can also be considered as bikinists. This is Lizabeth Lopez, Caitlin Rice, Isabel Goulard, Michel Levin.

If you want to become a bikinist, then try your hand and start working on yourself!

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