Who to go on a first date

Who to go on a first dateTwo winning strategies
With whom to go on a first date? When you go on dates, keep in mind two remarkable rules: “Every partner must be met at least once” and “And in case of failure, one more time”.


With whom to go on a first date? The idea itself at least once to go on a date with any applicant is closely connected with the arguments about the types. When you abandon the theory that there is a certain type of your betrothed, a whole world opens up before you. The fog that covers your eyes dissipates. You begin to see people real - as they are. You have the opportunity to know them for real. And you will learn many interesting things about themselves and about relationships. Your inner world is enriched. You just need to start acting.


But to open before the hero is not your novel - that's not all. It is important at the same time to abandon stereotypes, like: "She is not my type. And in general there is nothing interesting for me in it. " Maybe the truth is not. But who knows? You do not even know which side a new person could open up before you. But you will never know about it, if you do not give him a chance.If a person is not dangerous (you have learned enough about him to be calm), then why not meet with him? Why not just go on a date? Who knows what awaits you?


And if you didn't like the first date, then why not try again?


And here are some reasons I can cite in defense of the second attempt - after the first unsuccessful date. In different settings and under different circumstances, people open up in different ways. Maybe the best woman in your life at first sight will not impress you. Imagine that she is worried because of the first meeting and is behaving stiffly. Or, for example, she fought the whole day with the boss, and in the evening she is no longer up to communion. Perhaps she has prejudices against you, and she keeps her distance. Or maybe the last fan deceived her, and now she is cautious? You don't know anything else about her!

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