Wholesaler shared how to choose the right strawberries

Strawberry- an exquisite berry, possessing not only a wonderful aroma and magic taste, but also a wide range of useful properties. It is the richest source of B vitamins, vitamin C, A, PP, fiber, pectins, organic acids, iron, iodine, potassium, phosphorus, calcium, manganese, and also antioxidants.

Strawberries promote the removal of salts and excess fluid from the body, eliminate the effects of free radicals, serve as prevention of oncology, improve brain function and rejuvenate the body. And the unique taste of the berry acts likeantidepressant!

At the height of the season we eat fresh berries, prepare desserts and drinks, bake pies ... But you need to be vigilant! Strawberries are the first summer berry, so the markets are completely filled with chemicals grown products. To make the right choice when buying, as well as juicystrawberriesGood for you, use tips from"With taste".

Signs of delicious strawberries

  1. Smell
    Smell is the first thing you should pay attention to when choosing strawberries. Quality strawberries - fragrant! But the berries with a weak aroma, most likely grown on nitrates.
  2. Colour
    The natural color of strawberries is bright red, the surface is slightly shiny. Berries too dark burgundy color should not inspire confidence: it is highly likely that they were tinted. Pale, immature strawberries also should not be taken in the hope that it will reach the condition of the house. Such berries do not ripen, but only rot.
  3. Size and shape
    If we talk about the form, then there are no strict selection criteria: how many varieties, so many forms. Do not chase too large berries: it is highly likely that such strawberries were pumped with water before being sold. Dents suggest that the berries began to deteriorate.
  4. Tail
    Strawberry without a tail is not stored, the tail with leaves should be. The leaves should be fresh (not dry), saturated green color. The trick of connoisseurs: if there is distance between leaves and berries, this is a guarantee that the berry will be sweet. But tight to the base of the leaf indicates strawberries with sour.
  5. Grain
    Look at the grains: the farther they are located from each other and the deeper they sit, the sweeter the berry. Here is such a trick!

Arm with our recommendations - and rather go to the market for strawberries, in time to have time to eat and plenty, and to make preparations for the winter.

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