Why a child is afraid of the dark

Fears in children begin to appear with the improvement of the work of the brain. Gradually, new areas are activated and put into operation, the child learns to dream, his imagination develops. But the baby is afraid of the space that he cannot control, and the darkness prevents him from doing so. He begins to invent fears that lurk in dark corners and unlit spaces, because they may contain various dangers. To understand a child’s fear, it is necessary to examine the family situation, analyze the behavior of adults and their relationship to the child. Sometimes it happens that fear is a screen for which your baby hides completely different feelings. For example, jealousy. If your eldest son became afraiddarknessafter the birth of the second child, pay attention to whether you have enough time for him. Perhaps taking care of the younger one, you often leave the older one alone.A child, previously accustomed to increased care, now often remains alone. He develops a feeling of jealousy. And the kid, to attract your attention, subconsciously expresses his protest. He has a feeling of feardarknessso that parents pay more attention to him. Take a closer look at the behavior of the child, and you will definitely understand the cause of the fear that has arisen. And sometimes feardarknessmay, on the contrary, be a protest against undue attention from adults, who do not even allow a child to step on their own. Externally, the baby seems to be resigned to this. But in relation to the dark room shows incredible perseverance. And it will never go down until the lights are turned on in the room. It looks quite real, they say, he can not overcome this fear, and nothing can be done about it. But one has only to give the kid a little bit of freedom, move away from increased guardianship, and then feardarknesswill disappear by itself. Of course, it is not easy to understand what is causing the feardarknessThe child has. But it is necessary to understand. If these are your own miscalculations, you must immediately change your tactics. Then in the future it will be possible to avoid other collisions and acute angles in relations with the child.If these are internal clips of the baby, associated with the development and activation of fantasy and imagination, then it is necessary to include in the process of communication educational games with elements of combating fears, or seek help from a specialist.

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