Why do all thirty people today call themselves "old"?

One of my beloved friend, after returning from Bali, still decided to celebrate her last birthday and gathered the guests in the general chat. Well, then, as is customary in the general chat rooms, the details were vied with each other, the girlish laughter of the girlish laughter and the diverse jokes were intelligently one after the other giving way to each other. Pleasant vanity before the party. And while I was enjoying the pictures, presenting a noisy girl in paillettes and "leopard", almost missed the remark that, they say, we will sit still, still obliging age (and I wandered in search of a strict dress-case). Some of the participants agreed with respect, noting that "after all thirty." Fortunately, the birthday ended in karaoke and there is something to remember, but these reasoning about the age of thirty years is some kind of universal human absurdity. Nothing personal, but from time to time I hear in different companies from peers, successful and vigorous,something like "We are solid people now," "Have you forgotten that I am already thirty?" or "I am already old for all this!"

Why do all thirty people today call themselves "old"?

I categorically refuse to understand what “old for all this” means. For what? To jump into bed not at 23.00, but at three in the morning? Or in order to laugh heartily at the bar, and then run to another in the neighborhood?

Now everything is invented so that you quickly forget about the sleepless night - pills from the head, patches under the eyes, smoothies from a hangover, breakfasts in a cafe until lunch at the end. Nobody will notice what you did yesterday. Yes, and not necessarily drink a lot - you can order fresh juice, because it's time to take care of yourself, is not it? I do not agitate everyone to alcohol abuse, just any prohibitions exactly in front of the door with a sign “It's fun here” - what are they for? No, I can still understand the young mother, who mentally imagined the installation to run for a holiday for two hours and quietly go home, or a person who will fly out tomorrow at five in the morning. But everyone else who has a ban on a ban every weekend, because he is “not the same”, is a bust. Fun, like all feelings and sensations, is impossible to plan.If you have already got somewhere, it means that you have time and minimal desire. Do not think how it will be and when it's better to finish it all. It will be as it will be: sometimes it takes no more than two hours for a classy evening, and it happens that morning comes unexpectedly. And in this serene spontaneity lies the whole buzz.

Okay, after many years of tumultuous noisy youth, for sure someone really understands that it’s time to get off the bar and move to a restaurant. The desire is clear, but it is connected more with the fact that now it is simply not fashionable to dance on the tables. And it is quite logical that sooner or later everything will bother, revolutionize and change. If you and twenty had fun so-so, then you do not need to make excuses in ten years before your friends that night is time for TV shows and sleep, and it’s not comme il faut to crawl out of the house after midnight. And to listen about the mythological solidity from the inveterate adventurers, whose eyes light up from any kipish - how's that at all? What kind of news is that? And what the hell is this - solidity? Business suit? Money? Cool job? Perhaps, but change clothes in conversions and jeans - and now you are ready for the most dizzying adventures again.Especially with the availability of money!

Why do all thirty people today call themselves "old"?

In general, in our modern world, age restrictions have long been erased. Look at high school students. Have you ever heard what they are discussing? I once sat at the next table with a young company of visually adult women. They chirped about where someone is building up eyelashes, how much yoga costs in hammocks, why Tel Aviv is better than Jerusalem and which suits for flights are the most comfortable. Honestly, everything, except maybe the last item, is included in the list of topics between me and my friends 30+. Of course, we still have time to wash the bones of former or current husbands, lovers, intolerable colleagues or naughty children, but only because we had a little more time for all this.

Flushing age boundaries associated with the immense development of society and us in it. Well, really, at the age of 16 we did not sit in a cafe with a cup of cappuccino, but glued posters on the wall and went behind friends strictly home, pressing the doorbell, which no one uses now, as well as home phones.

Today we have the coolest chance - to be what they want. Look well groomed or disheveled,dress neatly and unobtrusively or stand out from the crowd, sit in bars or run marathons. To live and love as you please, to be anyone, to learn how much strength you have.

As soon as the language turns to call itself old? When today they give birth already far from twenty, they get married more than once, and the opportunities for the notorious healthy lifestyles are such that you can really look better than in your youth. Here is such an accessible modernity.

I understand only one thing: thirty is a certain frontier when absolutely everyone starts to mess around in their own lives, analyze the past and plan the future. For some reason it seems to everyone that they are up to thirty young, and then once - and something happens. I am thirty-two, and once I heard the question: “How do you live at this age?” I did not understand where to put myself from bewilderment, because I don’t understand how to endure a characteristic. I can assess my condition at the moment: is it good or bad for me, am I deeply in love or have been mired in my career, are you satisfied with my weight, or are still striving for perfection.

Age in reality is exactly about the state of the soul, about character, about habits and personal values, about burning eyes and the desire to get new impressions.

What does it mean that at thirty you can not dance? And then what to do in the forty? Preparing for the fifty? Buy a cottage with a garden, comfortable shoes and change the wardrobe to inconspicuous things? It is no longer relevant to think in terms of categories of past generations, which simply did not have any opportunities. And I'm definitely happy at my thirty-two, if only because I finally know everything about myself. Yes, I honestly tried to try on different roles until I started playing my own. Without moderation, half measures, regrets, living exclusively with the heart. And this is my element. And I'm happy that at thirty-two I understand that everyone has their own happiness, each has its own elements, and what to say - people are all different, and not at the age of business. Someone lives with youthful maximalism all his life, because he is like that. And the other is a great bore at twenty-two.

Why do all thirty people today call themselves "old"?

But if we lose something over time, it is courage. We are too lazy to break the rules, too lazy to sincerely rejoice, too lazy to make decisions spontaneously, too lazy to invent something unusual, too lazy to love. Instead, we disguise ourselves under some kind of incomprehensible desire to "live as we do at thirty". But it's all about what is not accepted now.Or otherwise: taken as you yourself imagine it.

And old age, as my uncle once said, is when you no longer perceive reality, you cannot correspond to time. And this is my neighbor. She barely walks, and nothing remains but daily desire for her health and strength. She and all deeply elderly people who will never understand our jokes about age.

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