Why dream of orchids?

A beautiful exotic flower present in your dream? And now you want to know from the dream book what does orchid mean? We know the answer to your questions.

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why dream orchids
Why dream orchids

Dream Dream Thelomena

The basic interpretation of the presence of an orchid in dreams is change. The specific value will vary depending on the rest of the sleep details.

If you are cultivating an orchid, growing it painstakingly, then in order to make the right choice in life you need to calmly think over everything. And if you dreamed that you picked this flower, then soon you will rejoice in the realization of your dream.

Dream interpretation thinks that if an orchid that is luxuriously blooming in a pot dreamed, then whatever you start will end with great success. If in a dream you cut off a whole branch with flowers, then family happiness, success in life and well-being await you. A bachelor girl had such a dream - in the near future a secured suitor will appear.

Dream Grishin

Orchid symbolizes something rare, rarely encountered, with what you have to face.

Modern interpreter

Orchid for a gift to buy - to be unsure of their financial situation, or you are brewing some changes. Growing an orchid in a dream - in life you become more thoughtful and do not make decisions so quickly.

If a girl dreams of a blooming orchid, then she will finally make an offer. Orchid fragrance dreams to implement the plans.

Online dream book

In a dream you saw an orchid - get ready for a quick change in your life. Grow these flowers yourself - you will become calmer. Rip flowers - get what you wanted. Broken by you branch with flowers of orchids promises you the execution of the most intimate plans. And if a girl dreams of this, then she will marry and be honored by her husband.

Wealth, luxury and well-being - the symbol of this is the orchid.

Dream interpretation of the 21st century

To win, while taking the risk - this is what dreams of orchids.

Dream Avadiaeva

Blooming orchids dream of love happiness, the plants you planted - the loss of a partner. To tear an orchid - for marriage, to smell it - a small but pleasant adventure awaits you.

Dry orchid on dream book is seen to business problems.If you put orchids in a vase - wait for the onset of a new romantic relationship. If the orchids were white, your love will be strong.

Faded orchids see - to loneliness. Orchids to give - to vain hopes, if received as a gift - in vain, waiting for the return of a partner.

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