Why is the time coming?

In childhood, almost everyone wants to quickly grow and become as big and strong as father and mother. However, when childhood passes, school and university remain behind, an awareness of the ephemeral and deceptive nature of time comes. Month after month, year after year, time runs forward, and you begin to think and worry all the time about how much you have not had time, have not tried, how much more needs to be done. Stop it! Look around. Try to feel the moment. After all, this second, this moment will never happen again.

Sometimes we have a question, why does time go so fast or, on the contrary, so slowly? If you have not flown to another planet, then the time for you is going at the same speed as for the seven billion people on Earth. Here is a question of purely subjective perception. Someone does not know what to spend their Friday night, but someone does not have enough of his whole life to complete any one significant work or creation for him.

When you have nothing to do, you are bored or, on the contrary, you are busy with work that you don’t like, time can drag on forever.It seems to slow down its course. Your expectations are to blame - you are waiting for, when, finally, the time period allocated for the unloved occupation will pass, and you will be able to do something more useful or interesting from your point of view.

There are, on the contrary, situations where time flows away from you, like water through your fingers. When you have a lot to do, you don't have enough time for anything. It would be desirable that the day was not 24, but at least 48 hours. As a rule, the fault of such a state of affairs becomes improper management of one’s time or the heightened obligations undertaken.

The art of time management

In order for time to always work for you, a special time management technique was developed, which was called time management. For the first time, the need to manage working time was discussed in the 1920s, but until the beginning of the 21st century, this issue was not given enough attention. In recent years, the pace of life has risen so much that not everyone can manage to keep track of all the processes happening around them and solve the tasks facing them.

Time management has developed a set of tools and methods that are designed to help a person effectively allocate their time.Such an approach is applied, as a rule, in relation to working time, but in theory it can be applied to any sphere of human life. After all, rest and solve their personal problems, too, was once necessary.

No matter how hard you try to do everything at once, you must remember that the human age, unfortunately, is not so long. Therefore, it is extremely important to be able to prioritize. If you feel life rushing in front of your eyes, as if it is not yours at all, you may need to stop for a while, look around and make sure that you are not missing something important in the pursuit of one particular goal. On the other hand, if time stretches for you indefinitely, every day is similar to the previous one, and it starts to seem to you that it will always be like this - maybe you should change something drastically in your life.

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