Why Lufthansa Flight Attendants Strike

To mitigate the financial crisis, the third largest airline in the world has developed a cost reduction program of one and a half billion euros. However, its implementation has faced the resistance of the trade unions, since, among other things, it provides for the reduction of 3.5 thousand jobs. Management talks with workers ’representatives have been going on for 13 months already, and by the beginning of autumn 2012, Lufthansa’s employees added rather radical ones to their arguments - the airline’s flight attendants already had two strikes and announced the preparation of a third one. They are demanding a 5% salary increase and ending the practice of replacing permanent workers with temporary pay. The employer agrees only for a 3.5% salary increase with the introduction of an extended working day for crews.
The first strike of flight attendants Lufthansa took place on August 31 and lasted eight hours. It was carried out only at one airport in Germany - in Frankfurt am Main, but caused the airline damage of several million euros.At that time, more than two hundred flights were canceled, with which nearly 26 thousand air passengers should have flown. The re-action has already affected three airports in the country - except for Frankfurt on August 4, the German concern’s planes stood idle in Berlin and Munich. A total of 230 flights were canceled on this day. Lufthansa management all these days provided the airline’s customers with the opportunity to reach their destination by rail. And the German railway concern Deutsche Bahn even allocated additional trains for this.
In one of the interviews, the head of the flight attendants' trade union reported that the next strike was being prepared, which should be held at all airports in the country and last for exactly 24 hours.

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