Why Russian called Russian?

Lyubov Shalabayeva
Lyubov Shalabayeva
March 6, 2013
Why Russian called Russian?

I wonder why the representatives of our people are called Russian? What is the reason for this name, and where did it come from? Understanding the history of the name of our nation, you can find a lot of interesting facts. Why Russian called Russian? It is believed that "Russian" is a derivative of the ancient name of Russia - Ros, Russia. But let's get everything in order.

What makes the word "Russian"

Russian is a partially substantive adjective. Appeared from the two-part combination “Russian man”, in which the second part ceased to be used. From the Ancient Russia came the adjective Rousse, Rousky, which is formed from the root of the root by adding the suffix “c”, which creates any derivatives from the names of the locality. As an ethnonym, the rus was used until the eighteenth century, but from the seventeenth, it began to gradually change to artificial Russ, Russians or dew,and already from the end of the eighteenth and the beginning of the nineteenth centuries — to the Great Russians.

From the spoken language in the literary ethnonym "Russian" has already penetrated in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. At that time, this word meant three Eastern Slavic peoples, and after 1917 only Great Rus.

Back in history

To understand why Russians were called Russians, it would not hurt to delve into history.

In ancient Russia, the inhabitants of the ancient Russian state were called none other than Russia. The word "Rusin" was used to refer to one representative. This name first appears in the treaties of the princes of ancient Russia with the Greeks in the tenth century. Originally called the princes of Varangian origin. After the appearance of one ancient Russian state, for many centuries the word “Rusin” was used to designate the Orthodox Slavic population of the Northeastern principalities, as well as the Russian kingdom.

Interestingly, the word “Russian” was not previously used separately. He was spoken only in combination with various nouns, for example: Russian people, Russian, and so on.

Why precisely “Russians”

And yet, why is this the name of our nation? There are several versions to this effect. One of the origins dates back to the name of a small tributary of the Dnieper River, which in those days was called Ros. However, in this version it is possible to doubt, since history does not know of cases when peoples would take names for themselves by the names of rivers.

Another theory is this: the name “Russian” has a Slavic root “Roks” or “Rocks”, which means “white” or “light”.

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