Why buy a humidifier?


The benefits of humidifiers with proper operation

Especially useful and important is the humidification of the air in the heating season. First, because of the heating, the air becomes dry and favorable for the growth of bacteria. This means that the risk of various diseases is already high in the fall.

Secondly, a humidifier is very useful in a house where small children live. In children, the metabolism is more intense than in adults; therefore, in dry air, the children's body loses a lot of fluid.

A beneficial moisturizer acts on the mucous membranes of the respiratory system and eyes, because their excessive dryness can lead to loss of protective functions and the growth of bacteria.

In addition to human health, moderately humid air has a wonderful effect on furniture and plants: wood does not crack, plants are unpretentious in care and grow well.

Harm of humidifiers in case of improper operation

First of all, you should buy a device that measures the percentage of relative humidity in the room. The rate for a person is 40-60%. Wet heat is much worse than dry heat. If it becomes very stuffy when using an air humidifier in an apartment, then the humidity in the room is higher than normal, and the use of the device should be stopped.

In addition, a very high level of air humidity is a favorable breeding ground for bacteria and microorganisms, as well as very dry. In no case can not neglect the daily ventilation of the apartment, because air humidification cannot replace this procedure.

Damage may be caused to furniture. Many users complain of whitish bloom that remains on surfaces. However, in all instructions it is written that filtered and boiled water should be poured into the humidifier tank. Then there will be no such problems.

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