Winter seedlings: we care about the harvest of tomatoes from autumn

Typically, tomato seedlings are started to be taken care of by the end of February or early March. It was at this time decided to plant seeds. Caring for the sprouted shoots is a rather troublesome business. Lack of light, immediate proximity of the battery, the need for systematic airing - all this becomes mandatory. Buying ready-made seedlings is also not a way out; there is no guarantee that it is well-hardened, but money has to be given a lot. There is an alternative! It turns out that you can plant tomatoes on seedlings from the autumn. Make it elementary.

Winter seedlings of tomatoes - this is real!

In the middle of October we dig out several holes with a depth of 15–20 cm each and place in them a whole well-ripened tomato. We cover it completely with earth and we well tamp it. After these actions, the height of the hole should be reduced to 10 cm.

We fill each hole with dry leaves, ideally a small slide should form above the ground. We harbor a landing place with inverted boxes.This is necessary so that the wind does not blow away the “natural blanket”. As soon as the snow falls, throw it over the boxes.

In the spring, when the earth warms up well, remove all the leaves. After some time, bunches of seedlings will appear in the holes. Take care of it should be the same as the planted in the ground in the spring. In the case of frost shoots covered with foil or non-wrap. As soon as the sprouts grow up enough, they are planted in the holes.

The seedlings obtained in this way are naturally quenched. It tolerates cooling better and is more resistant to diseases. Planted in such a way tomatoes usually give a rich harvest.

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