What to wear with body this summer?

Irina Shchapova

Irina Shchapova,
journalist, feminist and restless shopaholic

Is bodysuit clothes or underwear? In the answers to the question, a whole controversy can erupt between those who think that sexual dresses are good for everyone and generally improve their personal lives, and those who are sure that any tight things look and went out of fashion at the end of 2000 -x. We will go further and try to convince you that body is even more than clothes, and practically a part of your body and at the same time a universal uniform for a variety of styles and occasions. And yes, it is not necessary to copy the Kardashian family and wear a body with bicycles and a translucent bra, there are ways to beat this garment without a hint of vulgarity.

Body, raincoat, jeans and losers

Yes, we have some doubts that the summer will be warm. Too often the weather let us down even in July to hide light coats, trench coats and raincoats far in the closet. By the way, it is this image that easily turns into an interseasonal one, if you add a voluminous sweater - preferably such that the open throat does not completely hide your favorite body.

What to wear with body this summer?

Jeans Uniqlo (2 999 rubles)bodysuit NikeLab (£ 63)J. Crew cloak (8 299 rub.)earrings SL, white gold, sapphires (order)Lofers Pazolini (7 521 rubles at a discount)

Body, pantsuit and sandals on stiletto heels

Let's put in a word immediately about both official business and evening style. This image could perfectly fit into both dress codes, since trouser suit is a universal thing both for working days and for publication. If you are more inclined to the second, then we advise you bodysuit bodyscale colors (consider, "invisible") and shoes that will shine in all its glory from a distance.

What to wear with body this summer?

River Island Points (€ 22)Mango pants (2 699 rub.)Mango jacket (5 499 rub.)Body Spanx (€ 41 at a discount)SL pendant, white gold, diamond (order)Uterque sandals (9 990 rubles)

Body, leggings and mules on heels

A little Kim Kardashian, if desired, can manifest itself in each of us. The only question is how ready you are for such tight clothes. Do not pay attention to fashionable rules, but be guided by your own comfort, and if you want, replace leggings with black skinny jeans.

What to wear with body this summer?

Leggings Pull and Bear (1 599 rub.)Asos straw visor (850 rubles)Body Skin (6 235 rub.)bracelet SL, yellow gold (order)muly Zara (2 999 rub.)

Body, asymmetrical skirt, sandals and hat

The sea, the beach, the heat plus thirty ... We rather represent this image in an atmosphere of resort doing nothing, although it is also good for Sunday walks in August.On the spot top can also appear as a one-piece swimsuit, especially if you are close to the beach.

What to wear with body this summer?

Hat of Nasty Gal (€ 18)Bershka skirt (2 799 rubles)pendant "Sorokin", pink gold (order)body armor H & M (1 699 rub.)Sandals Zara (2 999 rub.)

Bodysuit, cropped jeans and leather jacket

Because of its reputation, uniforms for bodypants with skirts always look sleeker than with trousers or shorts. The only exception is perhaps the lace bodysuit. In him, and so plenty of femininity, and strongly needed some contrast with things that have a different mood. For example, with leather and denim.

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