Woe from Wit: The 10 Strangest Inventions of Scientists

10Today, education has become affordable and cheap, so that the number of smart people has increased significantly in comparison with the past centuries. After all, once everything had to be reached by ourselves: there were no accessible and understandable textbooks, and at the disposal of particularly successful students there were only complex scientific works of other scientists.

Now it is enough just to be interested in science, and all the necessary knowledge will be provided in an understandable and convenient form. Perhaps that is why scientists and inventors have become much more, and with them the number of inventions has increased. Sometimes they are really important, and sometimes they are just strange.

Here are a dozen inventions that are baffling.

No. 1. Vibrating tattoo

It was not some little-known scientists who invented this invention, but the real developers from Nokia. Their plan was quite logical: many people do not feel the vibrations of the phone when it lies in the pocket of a jacket or in a bag.But with a vibrating tattoo, they definitely will not miss an important call!


№ 2. The barrier from kissing

It looks like such a special case ... worn over your mouth! Designed for those cases where you want to kiss someone without touching him. It is not clear who might need such an invention. Unless, at epidemic of catarrhal diseases?


№ 3. The machine, "giving five"

Another very strange invention. But it, at least, can find its buyer. If you have few friends - cheer yourself up, slapping this mechanical glorious little one in the palm of your hand.


№ 4. Catapult for people

Sounds exciting, doesn't it? Despite its frightening appearance and absolute senselessness, this invention at least promises some fun. Perhaps for his sake everything was started.


№ 5. Piano for lying

A strange invention, seen in 1935, but never part of our life. It's a pity! Unlike other unusual inventions, it could be really useful. It was intended for people confined to bed, and allowed them to study music without any interference.


No. 6. Radio Hat

Amusing invention of Americans, which serves as a prototype of modern headphones. It was released in 1931, but it never became popular.


№ 7. Photo-revolver

For true connoisseurs of photohunting! The revolver was invented in 1938; pictures were taken when the trigger was pulled. True, this was not very convenient, so the invention did not take root. Although in our days you can buy its equivalent - as a rule, for the collection.


No. 8. Mouthpiece for any weather.

This invention saw the light in 1954. It is strange that it did not stick, because the problem of smoking in bad weather is still relevant today. This mouthpiece has a special umbrella that prevents rain and snow from falling on a cigarette and putting it out. True, the device is quite imperfect. For example, it does not protect the cigarette from the wind, so if it rains, you will not be able to smoke.


№ 9. Cat Robot

An interesting invention of Japanese developers, who saw the light in 1963. It was created not for the pleasure of stroking the purring animal, but for purely practical purposes - to scare away mice and rats. The robot knew how to meow and even blink, than, perhaps, several mice and frightened off. However, the mice are not the most stupid animals, so they quickly realized that they were not in danger, and began to ignore the cat-robot. As a result, the device did not stick.


No. 10Shower cap

Call it a hat with a stretch - this is a real helmet. Thanks to the invention, women had the opportunity to take a shower without fear of messing up their hair or washing their makeup. The helmet with a thick transparent curtain covered his hair and face, so that the water could not reach the unprotected areas.

However, the device could not protect against increased humidity, which also adversely affects the hairdress and causes cosmetics to spread. Yes, and take a shower in a similar suit was not particularly convenient, so the invention was not widely used. Later, ordinary shower caps, which we still use today, began to perform its function.


It was a dozen of the strangest inventions. Perhaps one day the world will appreciate them. But, even if it does not happen, it's still funny that they exist.

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