Words and phrases that annoy us (continued)

"And you thought (a), got into a fairy tale (a)?"

Not the most pleasant sensation when the interlocutor in relation to you takes a position "from above": the parent, the teacher of a life and the guru-seer. Like, I knew (a), well, I said (a), and in general, I was just waiting for (a) the moment when you stumble and lose your rose-colored glasses to tell you about it.

"Keep it simple, and people will reach for you"

This phrase exposes you to a creepy bore and perfectionist (which is not true in 99% of cases!) And is just as disgusting as the first phrase in our antirating, in a patronizing tone of an experienced person, versed in all questions. But you just want to designate those around your personal boundaries and your own interests, your right to be yourself, without violating the tenets of the law, morality and common sense.

"Not we such, Life is such"

A convenient phrase for those who are used to not take any responsibility and justify all their actions (and inaction) by some external circumstances.

"Not again, but again"

The word “again”, as well as the word “it seems,” is a kind of beacon, a clinging magnet for someone with whom you are discussing something violently: “Are you again for your own?” - “Not again, but again”.- “It seems to me ...” - “When it seems necessary to be baptized!” Your opponent didn’t say anything substantively, but he mirrored the replica and “threw the ball”: the argument in the dispute is yours again, if you collect arguments and manage to convey them.

"Full stuffing"

Gave us this expression is not culinary, but ... motorists. In their jargon, the so-called machine with the most complete complete set, with all possible options, is called. The phrase is actively conquering new spheres of use: “full stuffing” can now be said about a good smartphone, and a bicycle cost as a used foreign car, and a catering establishment. Doesn't this expression remind you of a scene from any thriller?


The English word respect is translated as "honor, respect." The slang expression “Respect and Respect” therefore sounds like “oil oil”, semi-ironically rewarding a double portion of the admiration of the one to whom they turn. But still, it’s better to use the good old “thank you”, “thank you” or even the French “merci” as formulas of gratitude, which have long been common in Russian. And to remember about “respect” only in connection with the word “respectable”.

"What are you doing?"

This question is relevant when you communicate in absentia: talking on the phone or messaging in the messenger, social network.But when what you are doing, the questioner before your eyes, wants to answer: “Can you not see?” Or to quote the Bulgakov cat Behemoth: “Primus mending.” Separate fu-fu-fu - the prosthetic "What are you doing?".

"This is tin!"

Why rattle tin, disturbing the sensitive and gentle hearing of others? It is better to enrich your vocabulary with expressions synonymous with: “Horror!”, “Nightmare”, “Well, wow!”, “Severe Case” and others suitable for the meaning and situation.

“I'm Shocked”

Other girls have a universal formula for expressing their own emotions for all occasions: when the guy left, and when the dream dress was found at half price at the sale, and when a friend shared fresh gossip. Men "decorate" their speech by mentioning the shock state less often - and they are right.

"Clearly clear"

In this expression, firstly, it’s bad that there are already two diminutive suffixes, which are annoying because they are associated with infantilism and lisping. Secondly, it sounds like an ordinary excuse covering the indifference of your interlocutor not only to the topic of conversation, but also, perhaps, to you.

By tradition, we ask: what words and phrases cause a strong rejection of you? Share in the comments.

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