Wow! Plus size model by Ashley Graham on Maxim cover

Covers of the men's magazine are usually all as one: with naked beauties of ideal parameters ... It would seem that the world will turn over, and this format will never change. But here we have the April issue of Maxim with Ashley Graham, half-dressed, for a minute, not just a model, but a plus size model! ..

What's happening? Are we witnessing a replacement for beauty standards? Exhale, this is still far away: after looking at the cover, we noticed that Ashley was put on a “photoshop diet”, we didn’t even recognize her at first - she looked like Eva Mendes! This was noticed not only by us: in social networks there is a dispute, and whether the game cost a candle, if everyone again "retouched." And only Ashley, behind whom shooting for Sports Illustrated (no less, by the way, an achievement!), Did not worry about Photoshop: she proudly posted footage from the photo shoot for Maxim on Instagram under the hashtag #beautybeyondsize (#beautiful size and size).

Well, not all at once. The first step has been taken, and there we will see.

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